Welcome, Makers

Making is fundamental to what it means to be human. We must make, create, and express ourselves to feel whole. There is something unique about making physical things. These things are like little pieces of us and seem to embody portions of our souls. – Mark Hatch, The Maker Movement Manifesto

Shoreline Area Makers is a group of makers, artists, and creators that value the DIY and maker movements. Let’s get together and make things, and teach our kids to make things! This in an inclusive and welcoming group. All crafts matter.

My long-term goal for this group is to eventually have a permanent home and start Shoreline’s first Makerspace! If you are interested in helping make this happen, let me know! Makerspaces are not only super-cool places to hang out and create, they can stimulate the local economy by fostering innovation and allowing rapid prototyping of ideas. Many startups and products began at Makerspaces! Many makerspaces focus almost exclusively on tech and electronics, and while building robots and lighting things up is supercool (in fact our first meetup was building a simple robot!), this group ALSO includes traditional arts and crafts. Some really cool things can happen at the intersection of art and technology. This group will also have activities for kids as well as adults, and hopefully the two will overlap quite often. Children should always be supervised at meetups. This group is also about community. What do YOU and your families want to make? What do you want to learn about? Do you have a skill you can teach us? Please reach out with any ideas you have!